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” A Whale” sent home.

by admin on July 18th, 2010

The 1100 foot plus “A Whale” was sent home over the weekend. In a carefully worded response, Coast Guard Admiral Paul Zukunft said “While its stature is impressive, ‘A Whale’ is not ideally suited to the needs of this response.” Taiwanees Maritime Offshore spokesman Bob Grantham replied “This ship demonstrated that it can bring substantial volumes of capacity to bear in addressing oil spills quickly and with great maneuverability.That said, the particular conditions present in the Macondo spill did not afford the vessel to recover a significant amount of oil … due to the highly dispersed nature of the oil in the Gulf.” Which was his polite way of saying that there’s a giant amount of oil here, intermixed with a huge amount of dispersants and even a ship this big isn’t likely to be able to help. While “a Whale” managed to collect very little actual oil in the tests due to the use of dispersant, the Coast Guard did tout that 600 smaller skimmers managed to collect almost 12,000 barrels of oil in the same 24 hour period. That would be about 200 barrels of oil a day per skimmer, which while better than nothing, seems like a lot of boats for a small return. In any case we wish Mr. Nobu Su , the owner of “A Whale” a safe trip home, and a big thank you for thinking of us and going out on a limb financially to try and find a solution to this problem. After all the boat is valued at over a 150 million dollars and could have been used in any number of other shipping activities.

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  1. TEDWINT permalink

    That’s it?
    The A Whale doesn’t work?
    Where is the lame stream media’s outraged demand for documentation of the A Whale’s failed test results?
    You know they should be screaming their lungs out… but then, of course, they are on the Obama team!
    Were reliable oil industry experts present during these tests to verify the relevance and fairness of their results?
    Or were the tests designed and witnessed by Ken Salazar, Eric Holder and Lisa Jackson and other Obama Administration toadies who were instructed to “Make damned sure that the A Whale fails”?

    I think that any oil that the A Whale can scarf up is a huge benefit to the cleanup operation and any tests or regulations (including the Jones Act) that the administration can dream up to try to hinder the great work that this behemoth can do for the people of the Gulf Coast should be summarily scrapped ASAP!!
    And to hell with the unions!!
    It is obvious to me that this administration wants the BP oil spill to be so historically cataclysmic (and it ain’t bad enough to suit them, yet) that drilling for oil in the future will be regarded as an unthinkable evil for decades to come.

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