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Help Clean Up the Gulf Coast is a local non-profit organized in Mississippi. We are currently working on our 503 (c) filings and hope to have them completed soon. Our goal is to provide knowledge and information to the thousands of people who are interested in how they can help clean up this oil spill. While BP has not shown much interest in volunteers to this point, it is our belief that when this oil makes landfall that their attitude may quickly change. We also believe that it is important that volunteers are an integral part of any clean up solution so that BP has someone watching over their shoulders who will let the world know if they are not doing the job. This disaster may unfold over the course of decades and we are not sure yet how it will impact our coast and the lives of those so inexctricably linked to it. Our long term mission is to make sure that after the glare of the national spotlight fades that those wishing to help, and those direly in need of it, will still know where to turn.

In order to to reach out to as many people as possible affected by the spill we are currently seeking translators for volunteer work. Vietnamese and Spanish are most in need. Please contact us if you can help.