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Admiral Thad Allen says we need more boats!

by admin on June 26th, 2010

In a very frank interview withe the Pensacola national journal, Allen says that there are some plusses and minuses to the use of huge amounts of dispersants at the source of the leak, a mile down in the Gulf. While he didn’t go into specifics about the long term environmental costs of using Corexit, he did point out that the use of such chemicals had allowed the oil to break up and weather faster than has been the case in other spills. While this might seem like a significant victory in some ways, he goes on to point out that means that instead of one giant slick we now have many thousands of smaller slicks, like the one several miles long that hit Escambia county beaches on Thursday. He says they are adding skimming craft as quickly as possible, but that theere is a limited supply around the country. That means that the Vessels of Opportunity program may have to become much more of a skimming operation and much less of a scouting one.. That will require more training and specialty equipment for these boats.

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