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Allen says cap may be pulled if weather worsens.

by admin on July 21st, 2010

Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said today that the cap that has been keeping oil from spilling into the Gulf since Thursday might have to be removed if a Tropical weather system continues to develop and head towards the site of ongoing containment operations. The Government already nervous about pressure readings and oil seeping from nearby reservoirs, says that leaving the cap in place for four or more days without being able to monitor pressure is too risky. If they can figure a way to monitor it from shore, they will consider leaving the cap in place. Worsening weather would also mean that relief wells that are finally nearing the damaged well bore would need to stop, and Allen says it might take as long as two weeks to get everything back in place to finally begin pumping drilling mud and cement into the well. TS Bonnie would certainly be a serious blow to relief operations at a time when BP had finally been making progress.

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