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As many as 90% of oysters dead on Mississippi reefs

by admin on September 2nd, 2010

Early sampling of Mississippi oyster reefs show as much as 90% of the oysters are dead. The small sampling conducted near Pass Christian MS, came up with many hollowed out dead shells. Mississippi Bureau of Marine Resources is reluctant to blame BP, saying that the unusually hot summer may have caused the kill. Hot water means lower oxygen, and can cause oyster mortality. They are also saying that they need to conduct wider samplings to make sure the oyster die off is confirmed over the entire fishing grounds. Still, it could mean another viscous blow to Mississippi fishermen, many who have been out of work for many of the most productive months of the year. White shrimp season which opened last month, has also proved disappointing, even as fishing grounds were slowly reopened after the worst oil spill in U.S. history. If dead reefs follow up the worst summer in memory for many of these fishermen, it will almost certainly mean that many more will be forced for good out of a livelihood that in many cases has been passed down for generations. It will also mean that BP will be on the hook for hundreds of millions more in claims and the all fishermen and restaurants along the Gulf coast must be careful when dealing with the Gulf Coast Restoration Facility. To settle your claim now or to take less than you should for six months worth of damages, when the state of the fisheries isn’t yet known could prove even more disastrous than the oil spill itself.

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