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BP agrees to stop burning turtles

by admin on July 2nd, 2010

After widespread media and video coverage of rare and endangered sea turtles being corralled by skimming operation out in the Gulf and being burnt alive, BP has settled a federal lawsuit filed by Animal Welfare Institute and others to stop this barbaric practice. In a press release they had this to say “We are pleased that BP and the Coast Guard have agreed to take a variety of actions to prevent the horrific burning alive of endangered sea turtles,” says AWI President Cathy Liss. As part of efforts to contain the oil spill that continues to devastate the Gulf, BP has been using “controlled burns” whereby oil is corralled by fire resistant booms dragged through the water by “igniter” boats and then lit on fire. Endangered sea turtles, including the Kemp’s ridley, one of the rarest sea turtles on Earth, are caught in the gathered oil and are unable to escape when the oil is set ablaze.”

Under terms of the settlement BP will put qualified biologists on the boats conducting the burns, and they will have the ability to stop any burns that may threaten the turtles.

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  1. Good info on the turtles. People say ” boy those guys are over paid” try living with the visual of the devastation of the gulf. Knowing that corporate and a Corporate govenrment that runs our Nation . Could care less about the people, the marine life, or the Gulf .
    The disaster to the Corrupt poiliticans is an opportunity get thier greedy fingers on all that BP money. With a BP check written to each State for $25,000,000 per affected State to use for “tourism”. Basically used to buy off or slant media. Downplaying what is really going on. keeping the majority of those Gulf residents affected and the Nation clueless.
    Thanks for this site I would have never known about the turtle roundup and it’s brutal end for an endangered species. All elected and appointed heads, of our States, Government and government controlled programs. Need to be rounded up and set on fire, as justice for thier ignorance and greed. Volunteers needed.

  2. John Timmermans permalink

    A reinforced cement tank should be build bottomless with cement top with a few spouts in the top of cement to fasten hoses. The cement tank should be lowered on top of the ruptured well and the force of the oil should be put into waithing oil tankers, I belief every drop of oil could be saved. The cement tank has to be big enough to cover the well.

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