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Bp has changed Vessels of Opportunity program to help fishermen?

by admin on June 18th, 2010

The Panama City News Herald is reporting that BP has changed the way it puts boats into its Vessels of Opportunity program. They quote a local BP spokesman, Vani Rao as saying via email that Bp has always meant to award the contracts to those captain’s who know the waters best, and who have been impacted the most by this disaster, commercial fishermen. It goes on to say that “The changes to the entire program include vessel verification — vessels should be registered with the U.S. Coast Guard or state of Florida — at the staging area before deployment, but priority will be given to vessels registered in their home port. Priority also will be given to commercial vessels if it was their main source of income, a BP flier states.”

Unfortunately we can’t find any matching information on BP’s web site. We promise we’ll get to the bottom of this tomorrow since it could be huge news to fishermen who have been getting the run around about enrolling in the Vessels of Opportunity program for the last month.

Full story at News Herald

Please visit our Vessel of Opportunity page for more info and discussion.

  1. Tom Fago permalink

    50 ton USCG captain’s license
    Owns two commercial fishing vessels 26 ft and 34 ft
    40 yrs. commercial fishing experience in Florida, Louisiana, and Alaska
    currently owns and fishes 1,000 plus stone crab traps in Tarpon Springs, FL
    Would like to take the 4 hour course for the yellow card to register my boats and be in the VOO program.

    • admin permalink

      I know they need people just like you. Try the BP vessel of Opportunity number listed on our VOOP page, if not, zip me an email, and let me know what state you’d like to try and work in.

    • steve Nehoda permalink

      i am 100 ton captian with yellow card white card without boat in pasco county send me a email i may have some info for you

  2. David Pisarich permalink

    BP Vessels of Opportunity a joke on us. Attended a 3 hour meeting to register on May 12, 2010 in Bay St. Louis, MS and find out now that they lost the list of applications. Activation or mobilization units cannot activate unless they have a signature list of attendees.

    • admin permalink

      I know, I have seen more organized groups. Hang in there.

  3. John M. permalink

    Are VOO boats still being recruited? I have operated vessels in every bit of water from the MS/Al line to Pensacola and currently reside in Mobile.

    • admin permalink

      I think you need tyo call the hotline number and register, there’s no guarantee that they will hire more boats, but if you have a commercial fishing license, I think there is a good chance that you could be called up for VOOP.

  4. i have to boats a 30 foot and a 20 ft my contracts have been approved for working but no one has contacted me yet and it has been 1 month i have been a commercial fisherman for 24 years and a small business seafood owner for 15 years this disaster has made it extremly hard to pay my bills i have taken all classes required for work i am just waiting on a call to see where they will need me. i would appreciate anything that is available for my boats please contact me

    • admin permalink

      If you don’t get contacted, could you repost in Forum, am going to try and consolidate everybody and then see if I can’t get BP folks to visit once in awhile and answer questions there.

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