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Bp is buying Gulf Scientists

by admin on July 16th, 2010

Talk about your top paying oil spill jobs. The Mobile press register says that BP is offering Gulf Scientists up to $250an hour for expert testimony on the spill, and in one case tried to buy the entire marine science department of an unnamed Alabama university. Of course there’s always catch when you bargain with the devil, in this case the paper acquired a copy of the contract. No published research allowed for thee years, and no sharing or even discussing of any data collected over the next three years. So let’s get this straight. I’ll pay you to not research the unprecedented damage caused to the Gulf, and Hey, by the way could you stop by the trial and put in a few good words?

Gossip inside the scientific community is that scientists from Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University and Texas A&M and others have accepted consulting work that will pay out in excess of 100,000 dollars a year. Officials at those colleges told the Press-register that they were powerless to stop them.
This would appear to all be preparation for a forth coming battle called a Natural Resources Damage Assessment. It’s the federal lawsuit filed to recover damages based on what the spill is estimated to have done to the Gulf. BP hopes to buy scientists silence and reportedly NOAA and the Government can be just as manipulative with research grants to those willing to side with it. The whole thing is just appalling and I urge anyone with connections to the Gulf Coast to please read the article at the Mobile Register.

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