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Bp Oil Jokes- You got to laugh sometimes

by admin on June 16th, 2010

All right, we can tell by what people are searching for that a lot of you are interested in BP Oil Spill Jokes. I personally have a hard time laughing but some of these are kinda funny. A special thanks to Daniel Kurtzman who compiled all these from late night TV. We also found some pretty good one liners at Daily

“Here’s a little bit of good news. The Coast Guard says that BP is now catching up to 630,000 gallons of oil a day. The bad news is that they’re capturing it with ducks.” —Jimmy Fallon

“This Tony Haywire guy, whatever his name is, he told the BBC on Sunday that he believes the new oil cap that they’ve installed will eventually capture the vast majority of oil spewing from the well. You know, if they could capture half the BS spewing from Tony Hayward, people would be thrilled.” —Jay Leno

“BP CEO Tony Hayward said he would just like to get his life back. He wants to get his life back. You know, I say give him life plus 20.” —Jay Leno

“The BP president said yesterday that the company would survive. That’s like someone running over your dog and saying, ‘Don’t worry, my car is fine.'” —Jimmy Fallon

“BP wants Twitter to shut down a fake BP account that is mocking the oil company. In response, Twitter wants BP to shut down the oil leak that’s ruining the ocean.” —Jimmy Fallon

“The oil spill is getting bad. There is so much oil and tar now in the Gulf of Mexico, Cubans can now walk to Miami.” –David Letterman

“A new poll found that 43 percent of Americans think President Obama is doing a good job at handling the BP oil spill. Of course, the same poll found that 43 percent of Americans hate pelicans.” –Jimmy Fallon

“And today at a press conference, Obama said that the government does not have better technology than BP. That’s a nice thing to announce to the world, that our government has fewer resources than a company that tried to plug a hole with a ‘top hat.'” –Jimmy Fallon

“Well, folks, here’s the latest update. I guess this is good news. BP officials say the ‘top kill’ plan is working. The bad news — BP officials are a bunch of lying weasels.” –Jay Leno

“In a new interview, BP’s CEO said that the Gulf Coast oil spill is relatively tiny compared to the ‘very big ocean.’ That’s like telling someone who’s just been shot not to worry about the bullet because they’re really, really fat.” –Jimmy Fallon

“Scientists say they have developed a car that can run on water. The only catch is, the water has to come from the Gulf of Mexico.” -Jay Leno

“I love this. On the news today, the CEO of British Petroleum says he believes the overall environmental impact of this oil spill will be very, very modest. Yeah. If you live in England!” –Jay Leno

“BP has inserted a siphon tube into the well to suck up all the oil from the spill. And they’ve had a lot of experience in this area, by the way. This is the same tube they’ve been using to suck the money out of our wallets for the past 50 years.” –Jay Leno

“What they’re going to do is they’re going to suck all of that oil that’s leaking into the gulf and pump it up into a tanker. Now the bad news is the tanker is the Exxon Valdez.” –David Letterman

“In Louisiana, BP claims that it’s making progress with the leaking oil in the Gulf. They’re working on a plan to heat the Gulf up to 600 degrees and use it to fry chicken.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“Have you been following the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Or as we call it now, the Dead Sea.” –David Letterman

“There is so much oil now in the Gulf of Mexico, and you can thank the folks of British Petroleum for this, so much oil in the Gulf, you can now park on it.” –David Letterman

“And tar is washing up onto the beaches — big globs of tar. And people are saying, ‘Is that going to ruin our summer at the beach?’ No, of course not. You take the big blobs of tar and you use them to hold down your blanket.” –David Letterman

“This oil spill in the Gulf is affecting everybody. In fact, when I went to lunch this weekend and ordered the sea bass, they asked if I wanted it regular or unleaded.” —David Letterman

“British Petroleum said today that if this spill gets worse, they may soon have to start drilling for water.” —Jay Leno

“Dick Cheney’s pals at Halliburton … say they’re going to do the underwater cement job to plug the hole. I thought, wait a minute, this is a mistake. Underwater cement? You call the mafia. Am I right?” —David Letterman

“The oil company said it was the rig company’s fault. The rig company said it was Halliburton. And somehow, each time they passed the blame, Goldman Sachs made a hundred million dollars.” —Bill Maher

“We’re still dropping things on it. This is like if your toilet overflowed and you tried to fix it by smashing it with a brick. Their next idea is to get the old lady from Titanic and she’s going to throw her jewelry at it.” —Bill Maher, on the oil spill in the Gulf

“You folks been following the big British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? I’m telling you, British Petroleum has put more birds in oil than Colonel Sanders.” —David Letterman

“On Monday, British Petroleum promised to pay all necessary cleanup costs for this oil spill. And they said they will do it, no matter how much they have to raise gas prices.” —Jay Leno

“They say the oil spill has the potential to kill more wildlife than a Sarah Palin hunting trip.” —David Letterman

“This is the worst thing to happen to beaches since the Speedo.” —Bill Maher, on the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico

“The plan is to contain the oil slick with fire-retardant beams, and then set fire to the oil that pools on the surface. They say if it works there in the Gulf, they’re going to try it on the cast of Jersey Shore.” —Bill Maher

“By the way, Sarah Palin, if you’re watching, how is that offshore drilling working out for ya?” —David Letterman

“Bad news, it’s going to be a huge environmental disaster, the oil rig down there in the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is they think now that the oil spill will be diluted by the melting ice caps.” —David Letterman

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  1. tim murry permalink

    i hate jay leno he is not funny

  2. tim murry permalink

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    • admin permalink

      I appreciate the offer, but I’m fortunate to have every thing we require. I can send out the offer to some local restaurants hard hit by this disaster.

  3. Joanne permalink


    What did BP say to the Pelicans the night the oil rig exploded?

    A: See you in the dawn….Get it DAWN (Dish Soap)

    • admin permalink

      Wow, that was bad. But an A for effort. oil Spill jokes kinda have to walk a thin line. So…

  4. A.M. permalink

    Why did the toxins cross the road?

    Because they knew what would happen.

    Have you seen what blew in from the gulf to Mississippi? How a lady’s purple martins died instantly in their bird house entries? How the plants for miles and miles around have huge holes in them? All of the plants are dying.

    Have you been hearing Riki Ott, Kindra Andreson, Debra Sweet, Diane Wilson, or Lorraine Margeson?

    I am VERY proud of these powerful voices speaking out very clearly and powerfully on behalf of the hearts of all creatures in the gulf.
    Watch for Benzene, Corexit, and the other chemicals to kill things for hundreds or thousands of miles. It is arriving ahead of the oil spill and no one has said that. It is obvious that it would though. It is in the clouds with hydrochloride something or other.

    Anyone heard of the underground mountain/volcano filled w/this oil? It is supposedly the 3rd largest source of crude oil in the world. Some are saying it cannot be stopped. Some say 1/3 to all oceans will die. Some say you have to dig to see the maps of how far the oil has gotten.

    Everyone should leave the gulf. Canaries in a coal mine. Everyone is getting sick. Some of it will be permanent. Who will pay for your medical treatment? B.P?

    I am telling all of my friends and my sons to leave Miami, N.C, the whole she-bang. You know, they are starting to wake up to what I am saying. I am not writing for my health. I hope you or someone you love will help convince folks to leave the gulf and protest from their new homes.

    Trying to think of a parting joke…. Ahhhh…… yes….’Humans’.

  5. admin permalink

    Why does looking at animals covered in oil make me sad, but looking at animals covered in oil and deep fried make me hungry.- Stephan Colbert

    Stephan does tell a great oil spill joke.

  6. admin permalink

    Another in just a hugely popular twitter feed at #bpcares. “We’ve started collecting the oil in biodegradable spill proof containers: Pelicans”

  7. admin permalink

    You gotta give BP credit, How often can you combine boating and bonfires.

  8. admin permalink

    From the always funny global bp fake twitter accouny:
    I used to have to kick a sandcastle to ruin a child’s day. Now I just throw a match at it. That’s progress. ^Tony

    Not a great joke but. kinda funny.

  9. admin permalink

    “Did you hear BP has finally stopped the Oil Spill? They put a wedding ring on it and it stopped putting out!”

    That joke is actually funny.

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