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Bp revamps Vessels of Opportunity (again)

by admin on July 8th, 2010

Doug Suttles, BP’s COO of Exploration met with some of those enrolled in the Vessels of Opportunity program on Wednesday. “The enhancements announced today will further strengthen the Vessels of Opportunity program, getting the right vessels into the fight in the fairest way possible” was his message forthose in attendance. According to BP changes to the program will include:
“Leveraging the local Branch offices, with boats within each Branch organized into response Task Forces and Strike Teams to meet key operational demands. The Task Forces report into the Branch operations, improving how we better bring resources into the response.
Improved air surveillance through the use of Tyndall Air Force Base.
Increased vessel rotation frequency, subject to operational needs.
Increased focus on local, in-state vessel sourcing.
Focused on commercial and charter fishing vessel use with the goal of better oil recovery; recreational craft will be used only when no suitable local commercial vessels are available.
Clarifying the operation pool size to ensure it is appropriate and includes the right type of vessels.”

They currently have about 5,000 boats in the VOOP, and claim more than 90% of those are “working boats” comprised of commercial fishermen that know the local waters. BP will now use aircraft and even a Navy blimp to attempt to spot oil, and will rely less on local Vessels of Opportunity boats for “oil Surveillance”. That will hopefully mean more boats to work cleaning up the spill. The plan also calls for increased rotation of boats through the active list, to ensure that all boats will get some money coming in.

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  1. I am a commercial fisherman with doccumentation to prove it, I am still working fishing, scrapping for fish I am trying to sell, I work out of Safe Harbor Seafood, Bon Secour Alabama, I believe I am the only person not hired here on the Gulf Coast, there’s people working for voop that do not even qualify for this program,and my living depends on it.I just want to know who I need to personally contact, I have an mob #, have done the classes, and given the required documents to people, where is my opportunity, I am missing out on? Scott Black, 251-979-7437, or 251-949-7442, at Safe Harbor Seafood, or my wife’s phone 251-550-8072, or 251-943-8067

    • admin permalink

      Scott I’ve had decent luck just going down and talking with folks at Parson’s or the local Bp office. At least here in Pass Christian, they are super helpful.

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