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BP rules and regulations for Vessels of Opportunity Program

by admin on May 12th, 2010

Here’s the link to the Vessels of Opportunity program. There is a schedule of sessions that must be completed, along with some training and an inspection of the vessel. Still an article in the Sunherald states that boats enrolled in the Vessels of Opportunity program are averaging $1200 to $3000 a day depending on length, with crewman receiving around 200 a day. So it woth looking into. I’ll try and have a translation of the page posted in Vietnamese on here later today.

Please visit our BP Vessels of Opportunity program page for more up to date info and a schedule of classes.

  1. David Bradley permalink

    My family lives on Fowl River in Theodore Al and have assembled a group of 5 reliable boats to help with the oil crisis in our area. We would consider it a pleasure to join forces with BP to help remedy the problems resulting from the spill. Our crew is from this area and has extensive experience operating boats as well as an excellent knowledge of the area
    The boats we are offering to participate in the program are as follows

    27 ft Contender
    23ft Ranger
    32ft Pontoon Boat
    15ft Boston Whaler
    21ft Correct Craft

    All boats have been well maintained and are in excellent working order
    We have assembled our crew and are available to deploy immediately when called to do so
    We love living here and hope you will allow us to assist you in this critical time
    My name is David Bradley and I can be reached day or night at 251-421-0020
    Thank you for considering our offer to help

  2. Capt. Gale & Capt. Dory Young permalink

    We have towboats, experience on booming, equipment, crew, training, have been on contract with FOSS with actual experience of responses to Oil Rig Spills and disasters such as Alaska airline crash in the Pacific with debris pick up. We were trained for Hazardous situation to Incident Commander. We have access to absorbent boom and hard boom. We have ready a Semi-Truck and Trailer. Our main vessel has new twin cummins engines, was a former Life Guard Vesse
    a large towbit for heavy towing up to 200T, 200Mile range. We have flat deck for large quanity hauling boom or debris. We have the electronics equipment, EPIRB other safety equipnment for extended periods at sea. We have many pictures znd were in the delivery, salvage, towing, over 15 years,We are licensed by USCG Captains, and are currently a member of Dept. of Homeland Security, Transportation Workers Identification Card to enter Harbors, Etc
    We are currently unemployed and need a job..

  3. clifford gay permalink

    i live in panama city fl iam a commerial fisherman an would like to work my boat but bp hired to many pleasure boat so the commerial fisherman get left out it is the liveyhood of the fisherman that will be gone when it is all over

    • admin permalink

      It was a raw deal, but BP says they are fixing it. Try calling them back today, they say they are changing rules on VOOP. They don’t want bad press, so keep trying, or talk to your local paper.

  4. clifford gay permalink

    we call them back almost everyday to see if they need us to go to work but they cannot tell us any thing that makes sence all we would like to is work our boats and save our working grounds

  5. peter dais permalink

    I have been trying to get on since middle of may. I have not been successful and I have 3 boats with crews ready to go. My smallest vessel is 21ft. I keep calling and registering my boats. Where or who to call to get a MOB number to take the class? Can anyone help us out. Thanks

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