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Fairness and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility

by admin on December 11th, 2010

Is the Approach with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility Good Enough?
There are a lot of people that are skeptical of what the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has done, and a lot of people that have reason to be skeptical. For many people, their livelihoods depended on the land and the sea that was there and with its fragile ecosystem destroyed, they have lost a lot of ability to make the money that they need to survive. Even worse, now they are reliant on a government organization that they are hoping can help them get through the hard times and make their life enjoyable.
There really isn’t anyone that can say if the results of what is happening with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility are good enough except those that have to deal with it on a daily basis. But, most of those people will probably tell you that they are frustrated, that they are still struggling, and that they don’t know what they are going to do. For these people, the solution isn’t enough. Sure, there is a short term emergency option that will give them up to 6 months payment, but that amounted to on the average $3200, which isn’t much for people that potentially have lost their source of income.
For others, there is a settlement that will be determined down the line. This settlement is something that is going to take awhile to be given a final answer. Plus, once the settlement is accepted, that is it; there is no way to fight it. So, if they want to get their money, they are going to have to accept what the company has to offer to them. Unfortunately, without some arbitration and a good attorney, they may not get what they need or what they deserve. The other issue with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is that the claim can represent what they are going to potentially lose for 3 years, as a fisherman, how do you show a loss like that?
Unfortunately, the work that has been done by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility isn’t quite enough to get the people suffering in the Gulf Coast where they need to be. As the Gulf Coast rebuilds, these people will have to deal with what they are given and will have to struggle. Hopefully, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will be able to positively impact these people’s lives and help them move on with their lives and return to normalcy.

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