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Feinberg say BP claims will be paid quickly

by admin on June 21st, 2010

Just days after taking over as overseer of the new $20 billion dollar BP clean up fund, Kenneth Feinberg, who is probably best known for running the Sept. 11th. victim’s compensation fund, was on the Today Show and Good Morning America promising quick payouts and transparency. Total payouts from the fund are just north of one hundred million so far, but are expected to climb quickly. BP also said today, that they have payed about 32,000 claimants from a pool of 60,000+ applications. They claim to have spent about $2 billion dollars so far on capping the well that was damaged by the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater horizon.

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  1. Jane Bock permalink

    I am an unemployed insurance adjuster with a Texas Casualty Licence looking to help BP adjuster their claims. Where does one apply and submit copy of resume?

    Best regards,

    Jane Bock
    Houston, TX 77096

  2. FARMER permalink

    Try posting your resume to the email maybe they will call you in six months to tell you your resume has been accepted and under review, you can start work but they not sure of the date.

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