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Florida oil spill jobs

by admin on June 29th, 2010

BP reports it has hired about 5,000 workers for Florida Oil spill jobs. Lucia Bustamante, a BP spokeswoman, says about 80% of those workers are from Florida, and that after a few hiccups with outside staffing companies and subcontractors things are going, generally more smoothly. About 90 oil spill workers contracts were terminated on June 13th when it was found that the subcontractor who had hired them had not been trained to provide hazwoper training to his employees. Bustamante says most of those workers who managed to complete the additional training and pass drug tests are now back at work, and that Bp and it’s subcontractors continue to hire and train workers in Escambia, Santa Rosa and Oskaloosa counties for oil spill work. Those seeking Florida Oil spill jobs should use the Gulf Recovery Jobs site, which is sponsored by the State of Florida to help people find legitimate companies that need oil spill workers. You can also find more info at our Oil Spill Jobs page.

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  1. _hello I am looking to relocate to the florida area to help out with the clean up. I’m coming from the chicago area and would like some info about the clean up if there is still hiring being done for the clean up. I like to help out cause i have _been unemployed for a long time here. My cell pone number is 1-219-381-6439. I would appreciate some info on this and who I am to contact for employment to help out. Thanks

  2. I would like to be apart of ther clean up there in Pensacola and would like some info. I’m looking to relocate to the are. can somone get back to me with something on who I can contact by phone or email. Thank you

  3. I am a strong man hard worker unemployed father or 4 in badly in need of a job please call me at 240 701 3338 ask for cesar god bless u thank you

  4. can anybody help a young man that is seeking a job i am a very hard worker. i have 2 dauthers that realy need there
    father support can anybody please help
    a realy good man that or seeking a job
    i can do about anything. thank you
    very much.

  5. Michael Mahaffy permalink

    I am a former US. Marine, a hard and dependable worker. I already have my HAZWOPER certification and am currently a resident of Clearwater, Florida. I am willing to travel and pay my own way if need be for a good opportunity with the oil cleanup situation. I am a father of two who desperatly needs this and will work 7 days a week. Please contact me at 208 541 5385 or

  6. Chris Gray permalink

    I am looking for oil spill clean up jobs looking for work asap,I have my 40 hours hazwoper certificate.Iam ready to work now please contact me at 601-716-6059 thanks.

    • admin permalink

      Will keep an ear open , also reposted this to forum , am trying to get every job wanted post consolidated where everyone can see them.

  7. I too would love to help out with the oil spill cleanup program. Can someone also get in touch with me on how i can get involved?? Thank you…

  8. Mary permalink

    As of last week, July 20th, BP is cutting back the work force 37% I know because I was one of them that was laid off. I was working as a Safety Observer for the past 2 months.
    Right now, July 27, it seems a lot of companies are on a hiring “freeze” un til further notice.
    Don’t mean to discourage but there are MANY people that are looking for furture jobs that too, have been laid off.
    I was reasigned to Pensacola from Alabama several weeks ago and am still here looking for continuing work on the spill, but having no luck.

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  10. Gregory Peterson permalink

    I have experience in oil spill work, already have my hazwoper certificate and BP card please e mail me, thanks

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