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Frustration mounts with Gulf Coast Claims Facility

by admin on December 4th, 2010

Frustration with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility
There are many people that are fed up and frustrated with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and the amount that they are entitled to. It seems to be that a lot of people are having issues getting their claims paid or there is a lot of confusion to get these claims paid. If you are frustrated the lack of help or the confusion that has set in with your Gulf Coast Claims Facility, you aren’t the only one! There are so many other people that are in the same situation as you today.
For a lot of people, the main frustration has come from the looming deadline date, which is November 23, 2010. This is the first deadline for people that are trying to get what they deserve from an oil czar that ruined their livelihood and have threatened their ability to earn a living. For many people, gathering the information and getting to the office to file has been hard enough. For others, they didn’t even realize that there was an option to file and are now scrambling at the last minute to get done what they need.
A lot of people are very frustrated because not only were they unsure how to file or who to file with, a lot of them weren’t even sure that they could sign up as individuals. Finding out last minute that they can has them scrambling to get their information together. Even worse, what they find is that when they head to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility that the lines are literally hundreds of people long. It is a nightmare trying to file and get what they can with lines that resemble some people’s worst nightmares. But, when your only option to feed your family and to pay your bills depended on something that BP ruined, they have to do what they can to provide for themselves and their families.
Although BP has tried to set up the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, unfortunately, it hasn’t been the friendliest and easiest process to get signed up for. People are thoroughly frustrated with the process and how it works. If you are someone that has to make a claim, be patient, it may not be the best process ever, but patience and persistency will hopefully help you get the money you deserve so that you can move on with your life and make up for what you’ve lost.

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