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Gulf Coast Claims Facility

by admin on September 3rd, 2010

The promises of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and Kenneth Feinberg are not being met. Here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and through out the affected area, the GCCF is dragging and kicking its feet at least as bad as BP ever did. Feinberg’s promise of 48 hour turnaround on individual claims and 7 days on finalized Business claims lies in tatters on the sand. The GCCF is good about publishing their statistics at least, and a quick look at those shows that only about 4,909 claims of the more than 45,000 claims filed have been paid or settled, that’s a clearance rate slightly over ten percent. The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has also paid out more than $38 million in the last two weeks to those claimants, which admittedly sounds like quite a bit but when broken down by claim means payment of slightly more than $7,000 dollars a claim. Since the vast majority of those were almost certainly for 6 months emergency payments, Mr. Feinberg is paying Gulf Coast fishermen and businesses a bit more than $1,000 a month on average for their loss. He touted the simplicity and fairness of his plan. He said a better deal wouldn’t be found anywhere. He said there would no need for attorney’s , or a long drawn out court battle. And most importantly, he said it would be quick and get money out to those struggling right now. But two weeks in, many Gulf Coast residents are breaking out those letters from lawyers they got back in May, and Mr. Feinberg, if you missed your history lessons, we don’t take well to carpet baggers down here.

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  1. I agree why can’t anyone do something about this in the al newspaper there is an arcticle that says they only have 25people processing claims why don’t they take the 700 that they have answering phones that only tell u it’s under review and put them on processing claims why pay them to keep telling us that we know that already what’s gonna happen when all these people can’t afford to buy food for their family or pay bills because it’s comming I’m struggling now and can’t pay mine but the worst part is three days ago they told me I was approved now they are saying it’s under review what’s going on we need answers at least bp was paying!

  2. Rachael permalink

    I live in Pensacola Florida I filed my clam on the frist day, I have worked on Orange Beach for the past ten years! I have go nothing from the GCCF, and when I call the hot line they always say that can’t tell me anything about my clam! My boyfriend has also worked on the beach for 10 years aswell. He did get paid but they only gave him 1,800 for 6 months, and mist other people I know got the same so where is the 34,000,000.

  3. patrina permalink

    i have been waiting for weeks all i know is my clain is under review, how long can they do this all my documents are in order, i am amm falling waiting……forget about the 72 hours………………….

  4. Daphne Slade permalink

    I was going to send this to the contact us link on the GCCF website but figured why send them something else that they will not read. Figured I would post it here for the world to see, they are not paying claims, and are basically laughing in our faces when we call….and that is an understatement… is my letter to them.

    I am sure I am not the only one asking but this process seems to have really put people into the DARK, we were promised one thing and have gotten NOTHING. At least BP was contacting individuals, by mail, at least we knew someone was looking at claims, with this process I have received nothing, no correspondence at all…..I ask that my email be added to my file, and when I check my claim it is still not there. WHY cant you let us know something…..I have had a claim in for months and this is really a stress to my family, we cant make up for the amount lost, it will never be able to be made up, this is through no fault of mine, the work just disappeared when the oil appeared. Please someone has to do something, I am about to default on my house payment, house insurance, and health insurance. We are having problems catching up the utility bills, if we could only have the small amount that I had requested, which is way less than I would have be able to make over this summer, we could at least get our house note and house insurance caught up, what happens when we loose our health insurance, the government gets to cover our health care, we work hard and really feel that our feet have been knocked from under us. Maybe you feel like everybody is saying that, you have to take into consideration that the oil spill took something from everyone who lives along the gulf coast, each and every one of us are having to pay in some way for the mess in the gulf. Whether it be spend more for a vacation we could have taken at a friends house, at the beach, more for the food we are used to eating, or to loosing work, the money is gone and it has only to do with the oil spill……..Please let me know something.

    By the way when you call the 800 number they know less than I do, they are located in Michigan or Ohio or somewhere way away from here and most all that I have talked to are laughing and saying yeah it is taking way more time than THEY had thought…..who are these people taking the calls and who are THEY that they speak of…….this is a SCAM, totally, one just to shut us up for a little while, and then the oil will be gone, from sight, and they will just leave us forever…..this is so unfair…..and more importantly a lie told to us by our government under the rouse of a neutral fund administrator

  5. ronald a fazzio permalink

    How do I go about making a lose of wages claim?

  6. Just so much i could say abut all this evil that is going on here on the coast.Well, not just the coast but the whole world.. I figured its way bigger than just a once was oil leak out in the gulf.(POLITICS)they wanna fight over this mess, so gods only showing the greater insight on the picture by tring too do away with it all. And the worst is yet to come. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY!! IS ALL this world is about. WITH THAT BEIN SAID. WHAT GODS HAVE INSTORE FOR YOU MAN WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ACHEIVE GREATER HEIGHTS.. I PRAY INTIME ThIS TO SHALL PASS.. WE DOWN HERE HUNGRY BP!! SO FEED US. AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU ALL IN PEACE (AT HEART THAT IS)….


  7. Janice permalink

    I apply on October 5, 2010 and its is November 9, 2010 the representative keep telling me it will take two week; they must not know it been a month and for days. I have sent them my whole life so know other documentation is not needed. they tell you every case is different but I can not tell when coworker about five of us apply on the same day and they got paid in one week and all day sent GCCF is an ID and Social Security please these is some stuff! But I needed additional documents, I sent them and they still do not know what is the whole up! Those representative are getting coach in the back ground i rather them say I Don’t Know instead of telling my two weeks.

  8. Ben S permalink

    I am so so fed up with this.. I have filed over a month ago at first they lost my documents then after refaxing them within 24 hours my claim went to under review and has stayed the same for over 4 weeks. When I call the 800 number the the same ole song and dance everytime. When asking them if they live on the gulf coast the answers is NO, no wonder that could care less..I’m the one that lost my home, cell phones, and am now living in a weekly rental & going to churchs for food because my pay was so drastically affected that we got behind on almost all our bills. they keep saying they have all the documents they need, well fellow employees have gotten paid some once, some twice, So someone is playing GOD up there choosing who gets approved and whose file get put to the side. I hope they deny me I will sue them so fast because everyone i worked with filed the same paperwork and 90% have been paid. The other 5 of us are still waiting…There is no order that the files are in or anything is what i was told so they cant tell youi how long it will take, if this is the case Kenneth Feinberg should be fired for not being organized because if there was an order to when your file came in they could say we are on File XXXXXXXX that means your case will come up in say 100 numbers and by calculating that you could figure when you would know something to tell the Bill collectors that have been harassing me at work. I guess they think everyone on the Gulf Coast are HillBillies or Rednecks that cant count and are idiots. I dont wish the oil spill we had on anyone but one of these days the tides will turn… The government has bungled everything they have had there hands on in the South from Katrina to the Oil spill and they look at us like we are stupid.

  9. I am also a Fisherman struggling to stay above water.Feinberg has made numerous promises pertaining to making things right.He was very critical of the BP payment process,yet his process is far more damaging.With BP,I was being paid and kept informed as to what was happening to my claim.Feinberg has caused me to have to apply for public assistance and rely on charitable agencies to assist with my utilities.I have been out of work since 05/20/2010 as an oyster fisherman and Feinberg still haven’t paid my claim as of yet and now they say it will be another 90 days before they make a decision as to whether to pay or deny your claim.This man is a fraud and a sadistic s.o.b. who has nobody’s interest at heart but his own.It is time somebody step in and take over this program,somebody with knowledge of the fishing industry and someone with knowledge of the inner workings of the gulf coast.How can someone sitting off in some office in Ohio somewhere with no knowledge what-so-ever about the Gulf Coast make a decision on these claims.

  10. To whom, I submit my interim,final payment u sent me a letter saying u got bouth now i go on line and its not their . The letter i got was january 24,26

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