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How can BP make it right?

by admin on December 11th, 2010

Making it Right: What can BP do?
There are so many people that watched in horror for the weeks that the Gulf Coast disaster went on in 2010. It was so painful to watch a beautiful part of our country basically get destroyed right before our eyes. The worst part of this was it wasn’t like a hurricane or an earthquake which comes in and leave, it was something that was slow and painful to watch, and unfortunately, it was something that could have been prevented had everything been done more carefully. The people of the Gulf coast will have to deal with how this has affected their lives for years to come and will see the far reaching effects bog them down.
There have been steps made by BP to right the situation. One of the first things that they did was set up an emergency relief fund and a settlement fund so that they could help people get through this time. In this fund, there is nearly 20 billion dollars that can be shelled out to people that lost income because of this. However, this is just one step in what needs to be done on behalf of BP to make sure that the people of the Gulf Coast are well taken care of and that the people of the United States never have to experience this again.
The one key word that was missed before this whole crisis was prevention. Prevention needs to be established. BP should have minimum regulations for all of their equipment, they should have a system set up in the case of an emergency like this, and they should be prepared if they are going to do offseas drilling for all of the issues that can happen with it. Had there been more prevention, this may not have been such an issue. There also should be a crisis management team that is constantly looking for solutions to solve issues that could arrive.
For the people on the Gulf Coast, BP needs to be a part of their lives for a long time to come. They should be involved in community activities to better the area. They need to stay long beyond the time that they are there to dole out dollars and be sure that this area is able to rebuild. There should be stations that BP houses that are there to help with issues that arrive and be sure that this area functions as normal as possible.

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  1. william lee permalink

    I found out today (even with documentation ) that we were denied. After a talk with my atty. i was told that we could go to the coast gaurd or take our chance in court. Well we have federal permits and some of the federal waters are still closed. I guess the part that screwed a lot of us was that alot of fishermen sell directly off the boats, and that does not usually generate a paper trail (which I beleive is exactly what B.P. / Feinberg is counting on). And during the clean-up I know of atty’s, plumbers, policemen, and even used car salesmen who were working the clean-up while fishermen were unable to work. to sum it up I remember how the president of B.P. stated we the little people wind up getting itAnd it wasn’t money

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