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How to file a claim with Gulf Coast Claims Facility

by admin on December 4th, 2010

How to File a Claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility
When you are looking to file a claim through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, there is a certain process that you must follow. Knowing this process is really important because it will ensure that you’ve done your job to process the claim and that there is no issue in the paperwork that you filled out. There are different ways that you can fill the form out, either mailing it in, visiting the local Gulf Coast Claims Facility, or through the Internet.
There are ten parts with the Claims Form:
1. Instruction section: Read this to know how to properly complete the Claims Form.
2. Claimant Information: Fill in information about the individual or business making the claim.
3. Attorney Information: If the individual or business has hired an attorney, their information would go in this section.
4. Claim Information: This section would be information that can justify your claim.
5. Collateral Source Compensation: This section would explain any benefits that you have received from other sources since the spill. This would include insurance settlements, unemployment, and that sort of thing.
6. Alternate Contact Information for Individual Claimants: This doesn’t need to be filled out unless you want to provide other information on how to reach you.
7. Representative Claimant Information: For this form, you would fill this out if the individual is deceased or somehow can’t complete the form on their own and a power of attorney had to do it.
8. Method of Payment: This section is the best one because you will fill out how you want to receive your payment if you qualify.
9. Signature: Be sure to sign this section and read everything before you do sign it.
10. Exhibit A: With this section you need to include any supporting documentation that will back up your claim and show your loss.

After you have the form completed, you can either mail it to the office, which is probably the slowest option. There is also a form of this available that you can fill out online. The easiest and the quickest way to process this, however, is to go to your local office. You can find these local offices on the website for the Gulf Coast Claims Facility website. There is a deadline for filing, so be sure that you are familiar with it and how it works. It is important to be on top of these claims so you don’t lose out on anything.

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