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Is BP’s Vessel of Opportunity program playing favorites?

by admin on June 3rd, 2010

The Daily Beast is reporting that BP’s Vessel of Opportunity Program is being awarded to pleasure boats at an alarming number.

“We have these weekend warriors taking away jobs from those who fish for a living,” says Biloxi boat captain Tom Becker, an officer of the National Association of the Charterboat Operators, who estimates that as much as 90 percent of the BP contracts in his Mississippi harbor had gone to pleasure boats. “Every day I see the boat trailers fill the parking lot as the pleasure boats get their assignments for day while the commercial fleet sits idle. This is like stealing. These jokers are taking money away from those who are trying to feed their families.” says the report out on the Daily Beast website today. They also report that with BP paying rates of $1200 to $3000 a day to boats and $200 a day to boat hands that this money could be the difference in whether these charter and fishing boats can hold on till next summer.

While their reporting can be a little incendiary at times, this article seems well researched and is definitely worth a read if you are involved in charters or fishing in the Gulf and are still waiting to be activated by the Vessels of Opportunity program.

PLEASE Read our page on BP’s Vessel’s Of Opportunity program if you are interested in signing up for VOOP or have any questions.

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  4. I have heard that the mayor of Bayou Labatre is puttng his pals in boats now and firing the pleasure boat vessels. Which is no good in my opinion. As the government control will be making BP write checks forever to the politicians friends.
    It is no different than when the government got involved after Katrina. All the funds that were given were taken back ,and all the money that should hvee went to the people did not make it.
    The Stafford Act is a very dirty word to citizens and a wedding ring for politicans. to say; “I do take” this lawfully laundered money to be my war chest. Hailey Barbour in Mississippi I have heard is doing the same thing as Bayou La Batre mayor. If anyone can dispute this please do.

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