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Is the oil gone, or is it BP that’s leaving?

by admin on July 30th, 2010

Despite an outpouring of videos and pictures from around the Gulf yesterday that seemed to prove otherwise, National Incident Commander Thad Allen and the other members of the Coast Guard response team continued to downplay the amount of oil that was being seen in the Gulf and that could be reached by the many thousands of boats made up of out of work fishermen that spend their days spotting and skimming it. This coupled with what many have said was coming from BP as the new CEO, who takes over in October, said yesterday that’s “it’s not too soon too scaleback.” An artful phrase meaning that despite BP’s reassurances, it intends to start decoupling it’s clean up crews in areas where it believes some of the danger of oil fall has lessened. Fewer clean up crews and boats looking for oil, mean not only more out of work fishermen, but also depleted response teams should oil continue to come ashore from underwater plumes. BP itself believes that most of the oil is now “weathered”, meaning it is less volatile and therefore much less likely to be found directly on the surface. But theories about oil eating microbes aside, common sense tells us that 200 million barrels of oil didn’t disappear overnight. BP will pull back, of that we have no doubt, whether Thad Allen is complacent or conniving we aren’t as sure.

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  1. Why god allows this sort of thing to continue is a mystery.

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