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Key West Oil Spill Volunteers

by admin on May 19th, 2010

The group Keys Spill is seeking volunteers in the Key West area to aid in tarball cleanup and to be trained for cleanup if and when the oil makes it into the loop current. They have 1500 volunteers signed up already!

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  1. Ed Metzler permalink

    June 21, 2010—-that’s important, as June 4 the news was available about a solution to at least some of the oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico and on our shores, bays, etc. Also important: I called Mobius Technologies (916-543-6484) today to see if they were successful in getting their message across and product to work. The guy there said NO, BP DOES NOT ALLOW ANY SOLVENTS ON THE WATER !

    So what the hell am I talking about?
    See for yourself; see the news article or visit Mobuis Technologies online and watch their video.

    Go to
    cbs13/cw31: Sac . . .
    on the left, under Font Size
    Video Library
    go back to June 4 (second page)
    click on
    Lincoln Company’s Product Could Help Big In Gulf

    If you know any politicians, boaters, fishermen or women, beachfront hotel owners, or news people, please forward this; BP IS BLOCKING A SOLUTION.
    Mobius is fighting an uphill battle against BP.

    Yesterday, on cbsnews13 I saw an article on your? Key West group and thought you might be interested in the June 4 artilce.

    Ed Metzler
    Elk Grove, CA

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