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L.A. Times story on Oil Spill Jobs

by admin on July 10th, 2010

The LA Times reports that initial claims for unemployment has not risen in any of the Louisiana coastal parishes affected by the oil spill, and has interviews with many Louisianans that are making great money from oil spill work. Eric Smith from the Tulane Energy institute is quoted in the article as saying “”I think the spill has had a negligible economic impact so far, I know that’s politically incorrect to say, but it’s the truth.” The Times goes on to call Venice LA. as frenzied as a gold rush camp, and is filled with quick interviews with fishermen making $300 a day.They continue to make their case that the Oil Spill might be helping South Louisiana with anecdotal quips such as “the cash your oil spill job check here” banner or my personal favorite the septic contractor in Cutoff La. who can’t keep up with the demand for porta-potties. They point out that BP has over 45,00 people involved in the cleanup and and has involved over 6500 boats in it’s vessel of opportunity program. Even Michael Chriszt form the Federal Reserve Bank, of all places, jumps on the bandwagon pointing out that “oil spill crews were filling many motels and fishing camps normally used by recreational fishermen.” Man I don’t know about you but I’m starting to wonder why we don’t have one of these spills every year. Forget that in 3 to 6 months these fishermen will have completely lost any ability to make a living. Forget about the hotels and beaches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Along with the restaurants and every other bit of business that goes with tourism. Forget about the environmental apocalypse we’ll be facing for a generation, the dead dolphins, sea turtles, and fish. The dying oyster reefs, the fear of Gulf seafood for years to come from petroleum and corexit, the beaches picked up, but not truly cleaned. Put all that out of mind and this seems like BP’s given us an economic rebirth. How dare we not realize what BP has done for us. Of course those guys from L.A. are used to living in an environmental hell hole so they may not be the best judge. Anyway the article is at Oil Spill Economy.

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