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Long term effect of BP Oil Spill On the Gulf Coast

by admin on December 11th, 2010

The Long Term Effects on the Gulf Coast
Any disaster messes with the ecosystem in ways that we will never understand. We’ve seen natural disasters destroy cities and habitats, we’ve seen oil spills ruin economic livelihoods like fishing, and we’ve seen pollution kill the things around us. To us, we watch our world deteriorate on a daily basis, but we hope that some way we can stop it and reverse it. The Gulf Coast oil leak showed us a lot of different things, it showed us the vulnerability that we have when things are not done properly, it showed us how quickly a fragile ecosystem may be destroyed, and it showed us how quickly that may affect people’s lives and how they earn their livings.
The problem with the BP issue on the Gulf coast is that it affected many different industries. There were places that were completely shut down, fisheries that are closed, shrimpers that can’t operate anymore, and oyster farms that are no more. This didn’t just affect one or two things, it had a far reaching impact that lead to more than just an industry that depended on the ecosystem, and it had affects like decreasing a huge tourist industry that lost out on guest after guest. It really put a damper on the way people made their money and how they lived their lives, and even more so, they will be dealing with the effects of this for years.
Scientists say that it will take years for the Gulf coast to return to where it was, if it even does. There are places that have had serious oil spills and have never quite recovered from what happen to their ecosystem. Unfortunately, the Gulf cost is probably in that boat. In terms of the fisheries and the other industries that depended on the sea, they will slowly return, but they may never return to the level that they were once at. The tourism will be far likely to come back quicker because that doesn’t rely so much on one facet of the area, and there is a lot more that people can do there.
It is important to understand that the Gulf coast will never be the same, and we should never expect it to return to the same level. However, hopefully, with the right assistance, it will be able to be the beautiful and plentiful place that it once was, and allow its citizens to live off of the land like they did.

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  1. william lee permalink

    The sad part of it all is the “little people” get hurt . And Tony ( iwant my life back) Hayward winds up getting 18 mill. as going away bonus and then went to work in another section of B.P. while people like me and others are getting denied for lack of documentation while B.P destroys the lively hood of an entire region namely the gulf coast. Well B.P.(The grinch) you have definetly stole our Christmas probably for many years to come. I only pray that all of those responsible for this outrage and injury you caused us eats at your conscience huants you for the rest of your lives. A very mad gulf coast fisherman, and family an

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