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Nature Conservancy of Louisiana is seeking volunteers for Cypress Island and Grand Isle

by admin on May 28th, 2010

The Nature conservancy is mobilizing volunteers and taking online donations to aid in areas along Southern Louisiana affected by the spill.

  1. karen stewart permalink

    I am a native Mississippian living and working in healthcare in CA. Please provide info on volunteer opportunities to help clean up the spill.

    I would be available for 1-2 weeks after making arrangements with my employer who sent a team of us to Waveland post Katrina.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity to help clean up our Gulf Coast.

    • admin permalink

      I live in Pass Christian and have a restaurant in Bay Saint Louis so first let me say THANK YOU and all of your friends who came to Waveland to help after Katrina. So far our little part of Mississippi is just as beautiful as you probably remember it, but the oil is still spilling so we’re not sure what will happen. I will be running a kitchen for volunteers if and when they are needed, so I promise to stay in touch and let you know as the situation develops.

  2. Craig Heim permalink

    My wife and I would like to volunteer with the cleanup efforts of the oil disaster. Please let me know how we can accomplish this.

    • admin permalink

      I will absolutely keep you informed. T he Nature conservancy in New Orleans is sending people down to Grand Isle almost daily, But already almost 100 miles of Louisiana coast have been slimed, so more and more volunteers will be needed all across the Gulf in the coming months. Please see our volunteer page fro a more complete list, and should you find other organizations please post them here. Thank you and your wife for your concern.

    • admin permalink

      I apoligise, the links I thought were on the volunteer page disappeared in one of my updates. I posted some of the links by State and will add to them over the next couple days. This whole blog/wordpress thing is new to me.

  3. cheryl weatherford permalink

    I want to help with clean up please keep me informed. Cheryl

  4. Catharina Schmahl permalink

    I submitted my application online, so I can help volunteering. I haven’t received any response yet.

    • admin permalink

      Who did you submit with? I’ll get you a phone number, and I’ll talk with them myself.

      • I would like to voounteer to help clean up any place im needed i would really love to help with the animals if i could pleas let me know who or i need to contact or how i go about this… dont know why its so hard to try and help nothing is easy anymore i guess.. please let me know i live in ky so it will take a day to get there
        thank you
        terry fluty

  5. Rebecca Newsham permalink

    My granddaughter and I would like to volunteer with the animal oil cleanup in Grand Isle. Please let me know who to contact.

    Thank you

  6. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  7. Jennifer permalink

    Your site has been the most helpful by far but sadly I have been given the run around by every agency that I have contacted about volunteering. I have registered with the Nature Conservancy of Louisiana as well as Deepwater Horizon. If you are able to give any information as to when the volunteers will be contacted that would be ever so helpful. I’m sure that many of the volunteers, like myself, would love to get there ASAP and help in anyway possible. Thanks!

    • admin permalink

      One of the most heart breaking things so far has been the way that tens of thousands of folks like you tried so hard to help only to be turned away. Anything having to do with the toxic oil is being handled by paid subcontractors, anything having to do with wildlife is being handled by trained veterinary personnel and students, and that leaves just ancillary support staff. Somebody has to clean the pelican cages, but it doesn’t take too many folks. To tell you the truth, it’s why I started this site, I had to do something but I couldn’t find anything that needed doing. But look it isn’t glamorous but, I can think of a thousand ways you can help online. If you can write articles, or do some rudimentary research, or draw, or take stunning pictures or whatever your talents are, I bet we can find a way for all of you that want to help, to help. I know I have about a dozen things piled up around here that need done. If any of you have some extra time and want to help with this site I could gladly use the help. Or start your own, or find other ways to help. But don’t give, caring that much is already helping.

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