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New oil Spill cap hits Snag

by admin on July 14th, 2010

We’ve not had much to say about BP’s new oil spill cap, we’ve been burnt before.  (Plus we didn’t wan to jinx it)  But new reports out say that BP has decided they need more time before shutting off valves on the new containment cap to prevent oil from spilling into the Gulf.  One of the most important things BP is monitoring with the new cap is the seismic surveys they’ve been methodically taking.  If shutting the cap causes pressure on vents, rifts or ruptures associated with the well, it could cause a much worse leak somewhere else.  National Incident Commander Thad Allen met with the federal energy secretary and the head of the U.S. Geological Survey as well as BP officials and other scientists after the mapping was done.  All he had to say about the decision was “As a result of these discussions, we decided that the process may benefit from additional analysis.” He didn’t specify what type of analysis would be done, but said work would continue until Wednesday,which scares the crap out of us.  Allen knows how important and transparent this last ditch attempt to shut off the well needs to be.  We’re not going to suddenly go conspiracy theory, but for Allen not to make a statement after a decision of this magnitude is hard to swallow.  If there is something in the topography of the well which would prevent them from closing the new cap, it certainly begs the question, will the permanent relief well be able to be finished, or would it possibly mean too much pressure for the Macondo well to hold. And thus noend in sight for the 2,000,000 gallons of oil flowing into the Gulf?

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  1. tom permalink

    Thank you for this site. I live over on the East coast and there seems to be a lack of info about the disaster. If you have the time could you tell me what beaches have been affected in Florida? The NOAA interactive site seems to indicate the slick has moved west to Mississippi/Louisiana and Florida beaches are not being impacted now. Is this true?

    Regards and Thanks

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