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No Oil Leaking!

by admin on July 15th, 2010

For the first time since the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon, there is currently no oil spilling into the gulf. Integrity tests on the new cap are proceeding, but they appear to have reached a stage where all the vents are closed, and no oil can be seen leaking from the well bore on the underwater ROV’s cameras. We’ll need to wait 6 to 48 more hours as BP monitors the pressure inside the well. They are hoping for readings in excess of 9,000 psi as the pressure from the massive oil reservoir is held by the cap and hopefully by the damaged well bore. If that pressure reading can be reached and held it should mean a temporary halt to the 2,000,000 gallons of oil that has been flowing for almost 3 months. This stop gap measure would hopefully hold, while BP finishes the preparations for the relief well which they say will be completed no later than mid-august. Once that well connects with the damaged well bore, they will put in heavy drilling mud and cement to permanently cap this monstrosity. Keep your fingers crossed.

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