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Oil comes to Florida Panhandle.

by admin on June 4th, 2010

Well, it finally happened, oil made it’s way onto Florida’s pristine beaches today. The economic impact that oil arriving on sandy white beaches will have in the middle of tourist season is bound to be immense. More info and pictures at CNN

“And on Friday morning, tar balls – hundreds of small bits of hardened oil – littered Pensacola’s white beaches. Our iReporters had been saying they had spotted tar balls nearby and in different areas a few days earlier. So we set out to check the beaches.

Tourists were the first to begin cleaning it up. iReporter Marc Sigler said he had been camping in Fort Pickens on Tuesday when he saw tar balls; they spent the next day swimming, picking it up and cleaning the beach.”

  1. I can bring a 100 to a 1000 people to the gulf,with work permits,call me 256-719-6997

    • David Plasky permalink

      Looking to help where do i sign up 425-346-0496

      • admin permalink

        Try our volunteer page, lots of folks looking for help.

    • Jeff permalink

      have resume, and 40 hour hazwopper. If you need me call me with more information at 256-682-1840

  2. Terry Williams permalink

    Mr.Green My name is Terry Williams and I am from the Ft.Walton Beach area. I have worked around Pensacola,Escambia ,Navarre,Santa-Rosa and Ft.Walton Beach, Okaloosa area and would truely appreciate your attention to this email.I am currently in the state of North Carolina but am more than willing to relocate to be involved some how with the clean up of the panhandle beaches.I know that no one person can accomplish what will be needed for this effort but all the help from many could contribute.Please consider me for one of your positions in this crucial disaster clean up. Thank you, Terry Williams

  3. I wish to help by getting trained .941-412-4217

    • admin permalink

      Please check our oil spill jobs page for more info.

  4. Sergey Istomin permalink

    is this a volunteering thing or a paid job opportunity?

    • admin permalink

      There our plenty of opportunities for either paid jobs or volunteers. Check either the volunteers page or oil spill jobs page for more info.

      • My name is daryl cromer. my email is phone number 2 reach me are 229.938.4121 text or call me about a job or info on job openings. i can run heavy equipment and do hard labor. work any hrs 7days a week. i live in port richey florida. plea call me. any time

  5. Would you have a need for a 3600 gallon pump truck? Can supply one truck with 2 techs for oil clean-up. Truck currently used to pump septic tanks. We can stay as long as needed.

  6. Kevin permalink

    Hello, we are from the uk and have 1 day free on our vacation to help clean up whatever we can. We are on international drive and will travel to where we are needed. You can email on to let us know where to go or what we are needed to do.

    Ideally, if anyone is travelling from our area to the spill site we’d appreciate a lift as we don’t have a car but could probably get one. The only problem is I’m 24 years old and rental companies charge so much for drivers under 25.

    Thanks again, please remember were from uk so don’t know the area too well 😉

  7. John Fogarty permalink

    I am a 100Gt Capt. looking for work in the oil clean up. I am taking my Hazwhooper cert. on line at this time. Have worked in the oil fields before. I am ready to go to work now.

    • admin permalink

      John, I think with your background you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. If you don’t get email here, try our oil spill job page and search at indeed or one of the other sites. I know I’ve seen jobs posted that would fit your skills. Also, careerbuilder. com and search under oil spill.

  8. Anthony Figueroa permalink

    I need a job so call me so I can help clean up 407-393-7217 you need all the help you can get bp so dont dick arownd call

  9. Dawn Perillo permalink

    hello, i was wondering if you could help me find employment for the OIL SPILL, i am a FL. resident..if you have a phone number or web-site to get on, i would greatly appreciate it. sincerly, dawn perillo

  10. daniel krieger permalink

    Dependable, hard working. Please call as soon as possible. Avaiable to relocate. 843-801-0008. Thank you.

  11. Wendy permalink

    My daughter and I want to volunteer for at least one week this summer in the panhandle of Florida. We don’t need to get paid. I am a biologist and teach Biology and Environmental Science. We are available during the first weeks of August. Picking up tar balls would be fine for us – we just want to help in some way. Thanks.


  12. anthony z permalink

    willing to work looking forward to hearing the details. thanks

  13. Michael permalink

    I am a professional and confident individual looking for training and a job by working to help clean.

    I am available immediately.

    Please email me asap.

    Thank You

  14. Jimmy Brenneman permalink

    I’m am more than willing to come to the gulf coast to help with the clean up efforts. I’m willing to help out in Louisana , Mississippi , Alabama , Florida ANYWHERE. Give me a call @ 540-280-3829. Thanks , Jimmy

  15. We have ready 3 airboats with drivers and large trucks for hauling equipment for the Taylor County area. This is an area dear to us. Our airboats can reach areas not normally accessable by a flat bottomed boat. More people could be contacted to help. Hazwoper cert could be taken online if need be.

  16. Paula permalink


    We’ll be in Pensacola soon and have one day, July 17, available to help in any way possible. Our group includes 4 adults and one 6-year-old that wants to help save the coast. Please let me know whatever we need to do to get involved. Thank you,


  17. Angel permalink

    I would be more than happy to help, i have joint custody of my 3yr old son, so i can work parttime now, but would be more than willing to work fulltime come August. I am a florida native who loves the beach and i also could really use the money so i will be dedicated to doing all i can to helping clean up our beaches! please email me ASAP


  19. Garrett Roberts permalink

    Lives in florida tryin to help out. 904-422-9431

  20. Ken permalink

    I got my Hazwoper training done at SEA SCHOOL. They really helped out.

    I took my class in Mobile, AL but they do it all over. I called 800-237-8663 asked for Leonard.

    24 hr and 40 hr courses.

    They seem to have a deal with BP.

  21. Orain Prelow permalink

    I am seeking employment, and I am willing to travel, and willing to help out any way that I can. I would really appreciate any work that you may have. Please call me at 1-904-376-5927

  22. jesse permalink

    I am 24 yrs old and have over 4 yrs land survey exp and would love to help how ever i can you can email me at or call me at (801) 381-5653 thank you

  23. Elizabeth permalink

    Hi! I am going to be in the pensacola area for this fall and would love to help with the clean up. If you know of any paid opportunities please let me know. Thanks!

  24. Oil spill cleanup in Fort Walton Beach call (850)243-5578

  25. Benny Hindal permalink

    Sorry that number should be (850)243-5579

  26. michael gullatt permalink

    please let me know if i can come there in florida to get a job position to work were ever i can to help clean up the beaches i am skilled with the forklift operator and many grounds positions and io am OSHA qualified as well. thanks contact me at 407-345-0567

  27. Please help spread the word to Save Our Gulf! Buy a Save Our Gulf T-shirt, proceeds benefit Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

  28. Jack Hilton permalink

    Live in Crystal River Florida zip 34429. I am a licensed U.S.C.G. 50 ton Master Captain. Have entered my boat , 25 foot offshore fisherman into the vessels of opportunity data base. Have not heard from them? Would love to help. Please contact me 352-634-4324. Jack Hilton

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