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Oil seeping into the Gulf near Macondo well

by admin on July 19th, 2010

In what has turned into an ever more aggravating wait for more information, Thad Allen and BP let loose just enough information to leave everyone on pins and needles Sunday night. Retired Coast Guard Admiral confirmed that there was a leak or seep of oil near the Macondo well bore which BP had effectively plugged since Thursday. But as usual, he didn’t give any more information. Not how close the seep was, not how much oil was leaking, not even if it was confirmed that the new leak was actually from the Deepwater Horizon reservoir or not. This increasingly maddening behavior by Allen, who must know that information on such a seep is of the utmost importance to the lives of millions of Gulf coast residents, is one in a line of stalling and back pedaling with information that is not his to keep. Ret. Admiral Allen needs to understand that transparency and visibility our of the utmost concern when the lives and livelihoods of many millions of people are held in the balance. I think the American people understand the need to wait for timely and accurate information, but to leave so many in the dark is really unfathomable.

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