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Oil Sightings for Louisiana June 3rd

by admin on June 4th, 2010

Here are the oil spill sightings released by the Stat of Louisiana for june 3rd:

Plaquemines Parish:
Large dark red/brown ribbon of oil southwest of Tiger Pass
Thick brown streamers with rainbow sheen in a one mile area running north to south, 11 miles west of lower Plaquemines Parish
Two separate lines of oil 1.7 miles due south of the Mississippi River delta
In the reeds on the east side of Redfish Bay
A mile east of Loumis Bay
On shore 0.17 miles south of Grand Bayou Pass
Small patches of silver sheen 50 to 200 feet in diameter; 18 miles south east of Mud Lumps Historical Landmark
Line of emulsification 3.8 miles northeast of Timber Bayou
Heavy black oil one mile long by 350 yards wide in northwest Wreck Bay
Jefferson Parish:
At the Queen Bess Island pelican rookery, 60 birds, including 41 pelicans, were coated with oil. The birds were taken tothe Fort Jackson Rehabilitation Center for cleaning and treatment.
Sheen and spots of heavy oil 200 yards off Shell Island, soon to reach the beach
Lafourche Parish:
Boom washed up on an island a mile northwest of Hacket Lake.
Terrebonne Parish:
Oil found a small, unnamed island north of Whiskey Island did not appear fresh and may have predated the Deepwater Horizon explosion
Patches of light sheen at the intersection of King Lake and Mud Hole Bay
Ribbons of sheen on Bayou Little Caillou near Lake Boudreaux
Light continuous sheen approximately ten yards wide, six miles southwest of Coupe Colin Islan

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  1. I want to do my part in helping to clean up that situation down there in the gulf and I’m trying to find a way to get down there and start working immediatly. I am available to head down there right away. Any info about helping me get there is appreciated. Thankyou.

  2. Damon Dalferes permalink

    Me and my friend are both 18 louisianna natives we want to do our part in helping i have heard that we can work for how long we want and people are paying for our hotel fees giving us three meals a day making 20 an hour working 7 12’s any info please contact me at 225 572 4476

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    • admin permalink

      Please try our Oil Spill Job page, there are jobs available.

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