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Oil Spill Jobs in Mississippi

by admin on June 24th, 2010

With Tropical Storm Bonnie barreling on a course towards Mississippi, it looks to be a busy weekend for all of those working the oil spill. Boom will have to be pulled up, and boats moved or hauled to safer positions, beach cleanup crews will be pulled back and everyone will wait and see if Bonnie decides to wash ashore huge amounts of oil. While there are still hundreds of Mississippi oil spill jobs posted on many of the national job boards, it is possible, and unfortunate that many more oil spill jobs may be created by this oncoming storm. Now is the time if your looking for oil spill work to send out those resumes and get down to the ports and talk with the folks working the Bp Vessels of Opportunity or the folks with Parsons, or any of the dozen other companies looking for workers.
Many of the jobs continue to be for ancillary workers like shuttle bus drivers, or caterers, or waste disposal drivers. But there are jobs and they are paying well, so get out there and get yours. The State of Mississippi run job board is a good place to start at MDES Oil Spill Jobs, or if your from out of state try any of the big national job boards.

  1. Arsenio bolds permalink

    i have tried diffrent oil spill sies and even called some said they are located closer to home but when u call they give a diffrent location then what they post on their sites. i have a hazwhop 40hrs cerfication and a twic card M IN NEED OF HELP IF YOUCAN HELP MY NUMBER IS (504) 2472349

  2. larry schwartz permalink

    how do i go about getting hazmet certification and getting a job cleaning up the oil spill – i will relocate anywhere i can get work as i am unemployed ?

  3. erick permalink

    hey ya i wanna go help clean up oil spill in beaches hope you call me whether is in missisipi florida louisiana everywhere

  4. Christy permalink

    I have tryed many different way to go try and get hire on for the oil spill clean up, but everything i have done seams to dead end after a few days of me looking into it. I would really like to help with the oil spill clean up and i am a very hard worker. Please if you can help me in any way you can contact me at my e mail or call me at (205) 764-3434. I live in Waveland, Ms and i have a dependable way of transportation. Thank you.

  5. john stanton permalink

    I am an ex-oilfield worker who is unemployed.I have class b cdl’s,but will take any position available.I am use to hard work and long hours.

  6. christie permalink

    I tried many places in the gulfport area I applied after beening told that they was going to hire on the spot never heard anything back I keep hereing there’s jobs out there but where can somebody give me better directions please email me some info thanks christie

  7. phillip sulcer permalink

    Im willing to work any hours and do whatever it takes to get hired on the gulf cleanup.please call asap 9014614958

  8. john dobbs permalink

    Hello I heard word that crews are needed to build a sea-wall or some sort of barrier wall along the gulfcoast to prevent oil from reaching shore. Has anyone heard this? If so please let me know I can work solo or I can provide a crew. Thank you in advance 601-596-3840 or 601-543-3191

  9. riley permalink

    i have worked out there on the oil spill they have layed everybody off and i still want to go back

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