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Oil Spill Jobs

With thousands of fishermen and others who make their living from the Gulf suddenly out of work, there is a desperate need for jobs. BP and the companies helping it have already hired almost 18,000 workers along the Gulf Coat. But the spill is enormous and so far remains uncapped. It’s possible impact across 4 states may mean that BP will need to hire many thousands more workers as this thing continues through the summer. While this is vitally important work, please understand that both training and the job itself can be rigorous. You’ll typically need hazmat and hazwoper certification, and that can take well over 40 hours. BP and it’s affiliates do not typically charge for this training. If you are asked to pay for either hazmat or hazwoper training please make sure you are dealing with a legitimate sub contractor, there are reports of fraud. Oil spill jobs will usually also involve a lot of beach time. If skimming oil from a hot beach in safety gear sounds tough, it’s because it is. You will need to be in good physical condition and usually will need to pass a physical and drug screen. Be aware that any oil spill work may lead to health conditions down the road. Some workers from BP’s skimming and burning operations off Grand Isle have been taken to the emergency room complaining of multiple symptoms including, light-headedness, nausea, head aches and fatigue. Similar reports and some long term effects were reported by Exxon Valdez cleanup workers, so please consider the possible danger. If you are still interested in an oil spill job, the bright side is that the pay is usually quite good, training and safety gear is provided and the outlook is, unfortunately, that we will be cleaning up from the Deepwater Horizon spill for a long, long time. Some of the links below are for state run job agencies that BP has assigned to help it and it ‘s affiliates find workers. One common theme so far has been that each state gives oil spill work preference to it’s own residents first. That may change as the number of workers needed balloons as the oil begins to come onshore. Some of the other links are to forum or job sites that are actively seeking oil spill workers from all across the country, these may prove a better resource if you do not live along the Gulf Coast. We are in the process of attempting to find links or job information from BP or it’s affiliates concerning oil field workers that may be temporarily unemployed due to the six month deep water drilling moratorium. If you have oil field experience and are currently looking for work, or if you are aware of a company that could use people that already have extensive oil safety training please leave info in comment section below. We wish all of you the best and Good Luck!

Indeed Jobs has over 200 jobs with Parsons Corporation, the people handling the vessels of Opportuinty program for BP. Just search under “Parsons” for oil spill jobs.
Simply Hired has a large group of oil spill jobs for Hazmat and Hazwoper certified.

Vessels Of Opportunity The BP program that pays boats and crews to help with the cleanup. This program has proved a little rocky and a bit hard to be accepted into, but the pay is great. They are an international directory of oil spill cleanup firms, there are jobs posted in the forums. They have a section dedicated to oil spill response jobs.

Job Link State of Alabama run site with enviromental response jobs available.

Gulfoilspilljobs Independent contractor who seems to be hiring every one he can find.

Jobs Plus Hiring 400 workers in Florida for Walton and Okaloosa counties oil spill cleanup.

Mississippi Employment State run site that has lots of oil spill jobs, but be warned they are strict about hiring only Mississippi Residents

LA works The State of Louisiana run site, has oil spill jobs posted on front page.

Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs is the Florida run job board. They were a little late getting it set up, but they did a beautiful job. It is probably the best designed of the state run sites and has lots of oils spill jobs and info. Again this is for Florida residents only.

Many, if not most, of these jobs will involve extensive hazmat and hazwoper training, and will involve heavy lifting. Typically the employer who hires you will pay for your certification.

  1. admin permalink

    A recent AP story about the supposed “job boom”

    NEW ORLEANS — Much as he hates to say it, Mark Leonard knows it’s true: The oil spill that is fouling the Gulf of Mexico may save his family’s business.
    Leonard, 34, is operations manager for Coastal Tank Cleaning, a company called in to help set booms to prevent oil from the Deepwater Horizon leak from getting into Lake Pontchartrain. The Morgan City-based company sent 10 workers and equipment to a staging area at Fort Pike, on the eastern tip of New Orleans.
    “We don’t want this to happen,” he said. “We didn’t want this to be our saving grace to keep the company going. But this is something that I think is helping a lot of companies that were down, and possibly wondering `When is it finally going to pick up?’ `When can we start working again and staffing again and paying our bills?'”
    The spill, now a month old, could end up killing the livelihoods of thousands of fishermen, restaurant workers, charter boat captains and tourism employees.
    But for now, it’s triggering a mini-boom in other jobs across the five-state region.
    In coastal Louisiana, it’s reminiscent of the job boom that followed Hurricane Katrina as thousands were put to work cleaning up debris, gutting house and rebuilding public buildings and entire neighborhoods. In St. Bernard Parish, a suburban New Orleans community where fishermen are working for BP in a fight to save their fishing grounds, the hurricane, which struck Aug. 29, 2005, damaged virtually every building and sank much of the fishing fleet.
    Five years later, the area’s economy is among the healthiest of major metro areas, according to The Associated Press Economic Stress Index, which assigns counties a score of 1 to 100 based on unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy data.
    Some analysts believe the economic resilience powered by tens of billions in federal rebuilding aid is unsustainable. Once the money is spent, they say, the tourism-based economy and lower-wage jobs that dominated before Katrina are likely to re-emerge.
    BP has spent more than $750 million so far in oil spill response initiatives. Spokesman John Curry said the company has hired more than 20,000 people as part of the response to the April 20 accident and its aftermath. Some are contractors and subcontractors, some are laborers hired to set boom.
    Many have taken up residence at staging areas along the coast in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
    In the fishing village of Cocodrie, about 80 miles southwest of New Orleans, the staging area sprouted up in a vacant lot at pier 56, next to Coco Marina.
    “BP has basically moved in and taken the place of the recreational customers,” said Michael Glover, whose family runs the 23-room Coco Marina. “We’re feeding them three meals a day and they’ve rented all my rooms. My kitchen staff, my waitstaff, the housekeepers are all doing well, working a little more than usual. We’re busy non-stop, every day.”
    Unskilled labor is getting a boost, too.
    In Pensacola, Fla., 4,000 people in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties showed up at recruiting events to apply for 500 potential clean-up jobs.
    The Workforce Escarosa Career Center hosted the recruiting for a Texas company looking for people with environmental or haz-mat certification. Only about 400 of the applicants actually had those — of more than 4,000 who applied at four events over a week’s time, said Brittany Bailey, a spokeswoman for the center.
    “We were surprised by the number of people who came,” Bailey said. “These were dirty jobs. One requirement was you had to be able to lift 40 pounds. These were not desk jobs. It shows how desperate people really are at this point. We’ve never had lines wrapped around the building.”
    In fishing-reliant Gulf communities like Bayou La Batre, Ala., captains barred from fishing are signing contracts to pull the barriers across bays and shorelines, or to maintain the booms.
    “It has helped to a point, but there’s a limited number of people who have been able to get these jobs,” said oyster harvester Avery Bates, vice president of the Organized Seafood Association of Alabama.
    The skippers must get Coast Guard safety certifications before signing contracts to do the work, Bates said, and many must also be trained to handle hazardous materials. The demand for work is so great that boat workers quickly filled up a class held at a small church.
    “We thought 300 would show up, and then 600 showed up. People couldn’t even get in the building, and they had to reschedule another session,” said Bates. “A few hundred have gotten work (but) we are still a long way from getting there.”
    In Cocodrie, the gravel-and-oyster shell parking lot on the Terrebonne Bay waterfront has a steady stream of trucks bringing in boom, contractors with skimmer boats and newly-hired hands who make trips out to barrier islands.
    Still, everyone involved seems to know that whatever good flows from the oil spill in the short term, the long-term price will be heavy.
    “If they can’t stop it, this could be the end of my business,” said Glover. “There’s already a public perception that Louisiana’s covered in oil. And nobody comes to Cocodrie if they can’t fish. If they can’t fish, I don’t rent rooms, I don’t sell meals, I don’t have charters.”
    Associated Press writers Jennifer Kay in Florida and Jay Reeves in Alabama contributed to this story.
    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

    • my name is branyon colvin i own a small catering company. business is very slow right now and i would love to opportunity to come down to the gluf and feed some clean up crews. i have a fully mobile kitchen. if it is a big job i will hire from within the local community. i can be contacted at (828) 735-1741 thanks

  2. corey shephard permalink

    Hello my name is Corey Shephard and im looking for employment with a company who is participating with the oilspill cleanup.Right now im unemployed and i need to work at this point in my life.Im not only a hard worker but im also a concerned American who would like to assist with the cleanup.Im very dependable,courteous,and a very good listener.The biggest thing i can say is that im a teamplayer.

    • Dear Applicant.

      Morgan Oil Ghana Ltd is seeking energetic, self-starters for positions
      which includes:

      Rig Engineers,Welders,Plumbers,Riggers,Customer Service,Technician Derrick
      Man,Trainees,Project Manager,Rig Supervisors,Log Analysts,Mud
      Loggers,Drilling Consultants,Computer Operators,Nurses,Doctors/Medics Etc.

      Experienced is required but we are willing to train all workers without any
      drilling experiences upon their arrival in Ghana.

      1.Free Personal furnished accommodation
      2.Free Personal Company Car with a driver assign to take you around
      3.Free feeding allowance
      4.Free medical care
      5.Opportunity for career training oversea
      6.Free access to inter net facilities with a personal lap top and a mobile
      for with Airtime
      7.Free Visa. Air ticket (On Company assignment)
      8.Free traveling Allowance (On Company assignment)
      9.Monthly Salary($7,000-$19,000)
      10.One Month Upfront advance salary Shall be paid to Employee upon
      completion of traveling arrangement.
      Contract Duration: 24 months-(Two Years)

      Method of Application as follows:

      1) Full Name:
      2) Residence Address:
      3) Position Applying For:
      4) Nationality:
      5.)Passport No:
      6)Certificate of Experience required via attachment(IF ANY).

      Please note that application through online Job Space will not be
      responded,all reply should be directed to the given email address for
      immediate reply Email:

      Jason James
      Recruitment Manager
      Morgan Oil Ghana Ltd.
      19th Harbour Street,M.K.Plaza,
      Tel: +233-249 822 156

  3. byron tillmon permalink

    This has impact everyone from state to state. I would like to offer my services in anyway toward this oil spill clean up. I just missed the last wave of job openings from Tunica County of Southhaven, MS. Is there any other programs that I can apply to thats available.
    Thank you and god bless.


  4. Charles Delapp permalink

    i need work work work and can come to job and stay long as im needed i am from johnson city TN. please contact me i would love to do clean up on the oil spill 706-409-9209

  5. Semaja Brewer permalink

    I’m hoping that this will help with workers looking to help clean up the oil spill. Currently, I’m unemployed and would like to work. I live in Marietta, GA and don’t have anything to do. Please contact me with further details.

    Thank you,
    Semaja Brewer

  6. Preston Maxwell permalink

    I’m unempolyed have been for the last year an half, I live in washington state an been appling for jobs everywhere I would like to work on clean-up on the oil spill. Please contact me with further details.

    Thank you,
    Preston Maxwell

    Ph- 1-360-598-0885

  7. Ron Cole permalink

    I have been unemployed for about 1yr. I have a family to support. Please give me a call so I can help with the oil spill. (205) 815-5701.

  8. 646 409 9960 call me asap I want to work so I can eat and feed my family thank you!

    • admin permalink

      Sorry Michael, I don’t have any specific jobs, but I promise there are lots of people hiring. Try the job boards listed on Oil Spill Jobs page.

  9. need some into on oil cleanup crew in Florida-please e-mail me or call 903-778-4173. thank ya sure need some work. Military

  10. Johnathon James permalink

    My name is Johathon James and im from Aberdeen MS, ive been unemployeed for quiet a while. I have five kids to support and i would really love to help clean up the oil spill and im ready to work as soon as possible. please give me a call at (662) 256-8706

    • admin permalink

      Johnathan, give one of the win job centers or try our job page, many companies still hiring for various cleanup jobs.

  11. Darren Edge permalink

    I am hazwhopper certified and ready to help in any way with the gulf oil spill. This is a horrible mess and i would like the opprotunity to do my part. I can operate heavy equiptment also. My number is 443-521-7206 thanks

  12. Alfonso Becerra permalink

    I’m interested in working to help clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill. I have 15 years experience as a Construction Laborer and Heavy Machine Operator. I have a Certification in HAZWOPER 40 hour course. I’m not afraid to work outside in extreme temperatures and love working outside. I’m a strong hard worker, reliable, punctual, and work well with others, team player and I get the job done. I don’t need a long advance notice to start working, I’m ready anytime.

    Alfonso Becerra Home: 402-734-4212 , Cell: 402-594-4147

  13. Artem permalink

    Hello we are 3 students, we looking for oil spill jobs, please contact us, we ready to work now.
    Please contact us:


    tel. # 347 400 24 54

    • admin permalink

      I’m thinking that is a russian address, and while we could almost certainly use some good hard working Russians for this project, I’m thinking the logistics may be problematic.

  14. Nick Berry permalink

    Looking for work to clean up oil spill..hard worker(workaholic). Helped with several other natural disasters.

  15. MELINDA CHARLES permalink


  16. ANDRA MOREHEAD permalink


  17. Darren Edge permalink

    I am looking to help in any way possible with the gulf oil spill. I am hazwhoper certified also I have just completed the post emergency oil cleanup training. I am willing to relocate. My number is 443-521-7206. Thanks

  18. allyson carlyle permalink

    Any info you can give about applying would be greatly appreciated. I have a whole family out of work and very hard workers and we would love to help out

  19. Desmond Harris permalink

    I’m in need of a job im a good hard work very dependable (601)214-5083

  20. charles thompson permalink

    my name is charles im am looking for work also… willing to relocate to help with oil spill on gulf coast…dont know where to go to apply so could someone email me( call me @ 972-900-2027… Thank you very much

  21. Jason Ashley permalink

    I live in Austin Tx. and have worked in the construction field for many years. I can operate many machines. I am one who loves working outside in any condition, I’m strong,hard working,go getter, no nonesense leader. I can and will listen to instructions, be lead for the greater good of the the team. Ready to start helping with the cleanup asap. It seems everyone can use a hand, and I’m a great one. Look forward to hearing from ya’ll.


  22. Randy permalink

    BOATS – Anyone looking for 30′ boats for skimming in shallow water? Give me a call or email 228-324-4453

  23. Theodore Williams permalink

    I live in Florida I need work ASAP. I can travel anywhere in Florida and hoping someone will give me a chance for employment. REALLY HARD WORKER AND A TEAM PLAYER!!
    Contact me anytime

  24. Stetson permalink

    I am representing a few student in houston, looking for a job anywhere towards the east coast to help, willing to take certifications, whatever is needed

    832-405-9013 call or text any time

  25. Sam Collins permalink

    I have 10 yrs experience operating heavy equipment from front end loaders, dozers, skid steers, backhoes and some excavators. I am a hard worker and will work long hours. I have no wife or kids so can travel as much as needed. Please contact me at 313-695-8824. Thank you I hope everything works out for your company.

    • admin permalink

      I know there are people hiring for that kind of work. Good Luck

  26. Chad Stewart permalink

    I have been trying to find information on how I would go about getting one of these jobs. I am a very hard worker and would like to be apart of helping clean up this oil. I can be reached at (786) 718-4441. while the hiring is going on i would hate to have missed out on my chance to get to work and help out.

    • admin permalink

      Try any of the state sponsored job pages and then contact those companies. There seems to still be work, just a lot of difficult and confusion getting everything started.

  27. A few stragglers

  28. i am a diplaced boilermaker am i am looking for work,company was closed down! thanx.

  29. Mark Dean permalink

    I am a hard working person that is known as a point person… I,m presently unemployed… I,m willing to bring my leadership skills to the Gulf and Get this Oil spill Cleaned up…

  30. debbie tanksley permalink

    would like to apply for a job with the clean up on mississippi coast or florida not have text on phone so cannot apply ..please help me thanks

  31. Andrea Upchurch permalink

    Hi, I am a single mother of one and in desperate need of employment. I am currently tied into the healthcare field but have been finding it difficult to find employment. It’s important for me to feel as if I am making a difference in peoples lives so it would be a honor to me to come and work on the team with the oil spil team members. Please contact me asap about “Gulf Recovery Jobs”, Am willing to relocate as needed for the time the job length is needed.

    Thank you & God Bless, Mrs. Upchurch (314) 518-8991.

  32. EBENEZER KRAKUE permalink

    I need cleaning or helping work in the oil industry.
    Yours faiyhfully

  33. stephanie knuckles permalink

    My name is stephanie knuckles and I would love to be apart of this oil spill cleanup. I am currently having a tough time trying to find employment. This sounds like a great opportunity to help make a change. I currently live in lincoln nebraska and will stay as long as needed and do everything in my power to help. I can be reached at 402-770-1860

  34. seeking empolyment re: oilspill cleanup. willing to relocate to any state.

  35. Nathaniel Smith permalink

    Hazwoper 40, BP/PEC Premirer MOD-3, OSHA 10-hr. Outreach (Safety and Health). 5+ months experience in Fort Morgan (Gulf Shores) and Orange Beach, AL on BP shoreline cleanup as Foreman, Shop Foreman, Field Tech, Shop Worker. Laid off. Looking for work. Call (251)424-5070

  36. sarah and harold permalink

    We are in interested in the coastline oil spill clean up jobs. We currently live in San Diego, Ca but we are willing to relocate if possible. If there’s anyway you could contact us threw the email address above and let us know the info on these jobs please.

    thank you
    Harold and Sarah

  37. i would love to help moyher earth! i also have kids to support–so i need the work,if you have it,-god bless.

  38. My name is kadiatou im from africa i love helping the oil spill cleaning up because its very inportant to help the enviroment with this certain thing and the animals to the souface of the ocean

  39. joseph saunders permalink

    i am interested in coastline oil spill clean up jobs i live in burtonsville md. i will love to work for you i am not working now .and i need to provide for my wife and to kids so let me know the info on tnese jobs ok.thank you joseph saunders

  40. kenneth kuhna permalink

    white male 6/2 180lb hard worker depenable, got 1 cat must bring with me,just looking for somewhere new to start over,

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