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Pressure in well bore is 6000 psi and rising

by admin on July 16th, 2010

Bp say they are still shooting for 9000 psi, nut are very please with readings of over 6000 psi and no signs of leaks from the ocean floor which might have indicated more damage to the well bore than was believed and a need to reassess the capping operation. They will continue to increase pressure over the next 24 hours and our conducting extensive seismic tests on the area around the well bore to see if they can detect any signs of oil seepage far below the surface which might also call for a reassessment of current plans. They say that seismic data will flow in over the next 24 hours as well, but that there will then be an indeterminate amount of time as BP and Government scientists review data from the integrity/pressure test, and all seismic information to decide how to proceed, Thad Allen and others yesterday, mentioned in press briefings that they still believed that resuming siphoning operations with new , boats and increased capacity was the most likely course, no the cap currently being tested. Though it would give them the capability of capping should the ships be called off station due to hurricanes or weather related issues. The permanent fix remains relief wells being drilled which will pump in heavy drilling mud and cement.

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