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Skimmers needed in Mississippi

by admin on June 29th, 2010

Governor Barbour and Congressman Gene Taylor have both been busy trying to get more assets to Mississippi to fight the spill as it heads north to Mississippi beaches. As oil finally reached Ocean Springs and Biloxi over the weekend, both men expressed their unhappiness with the work currently being done to fight the oil at sea. Mississippi has only three skimmers currently, and hope to have 6 small barges retrofitted to suck up oil in inland waters. Barbour reiterates that the state is asking any fishermen with boats at least 50 feet in length to contact either DMR or the Vessels of Opportunity program, to see if they could be used for skimming operations. Of the 1200 boats signed up currently, many are too small to work out past the islands or are small open boats that will no be suitable for skimming operations. Barbour also announced that control over cleanup in Mississppi waters would be transferred from Mobile to Biloxi cutting out at least one step in the communication chain. Rep. Taylor announced that he had secured permission from the Coast guard to use a sophisticated Enviromental Protection Agency plane to hunt oil in the Mississippi Sound. The plane uses infrared to find the slicks and strings of oil more easily. It will relay that information to the new Mississippi operations center so that VOOP boats can respond. The plane uses very specialized equipment called Airborne Spectral Photometric Environmental Collection Technology. It claims to be able to tell the difference between oil and algae blooms from the air and can tell whether oil is weathered or mousse or thick.

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  1. Devin York permalink

    interested in joining your team, obtaining more information in what your company is doing in the oil spill clean-up in the gulf coast. I have years of experience in working at various differenent oil refinereries, I just returned home from being in Alabama working on a project with a environmental company.

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