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The Well is sealed.

by admin on August 5th, 2010

BP is reporting that absent the relief wells, that they are completely confident that the drilling mud that they’ve been pumping since yesterday, that has now been sealed by a cement casing has finally put an end to the leaking Macondo well. 104 days later, but who’s counting. They intend to let the cement cure, but once that is done, they say that in an abundance of caution, they will complete the relief wells, and pump more mud and cement into the well head bore to guarantee success over the next few days. The Government released reports yesterday saying that much of the 200 million barrels of oil was gone from the Gulf, though plenty of scientists, especially those who work the Gulf everyday scoffed at the idea. Even if they’re right, many pointed out there would still be over 50 million barrels of oil out there that would continue to wreak havoc on the sensitive environment of the Gulf and its shorelines. Most residents here are taking a wait and see attitude. Having the well sealed is truly a great thing, but it may be many years before anyone celebrates a true end to this tragedy.

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