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Tough times on Gulf Coast

by admin on December 11th, 2010

Hardship on the Gulf Coast
With the holidays approaching, there are many people on the Gulf coast that are wondering what they are going to do. It is always harder to be dealing with something during the times where Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays are approaching. Especially when there are children involved, it can be extremely difficult to not be able to give them what they want under the Christmas tree, or explain to them that their won’t be presents this year. It is important that the United States understands the hardship that people in the Gulf are dealing with and that we as Americans try to do something to help better their situation.
The problem with the crisis in the Gulf coast is that it is something that cannot be fixed quickly. For many of people that are hurting this holiday season, their livelihoods are based on a certain season, which is generally the summer and fall, and the problem is that their season is over. With their season over, they’ve lost the ability to make their money and it is a season that they have to put behind them and can never get back. For other people, the lack of work in the summer months and the oil spill prevented tourists from coming to the area and those people that were servers and bartenders or did day cruises and fishing trips are out of luck.
What was created to help people was an emergency relief fund through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, however that money generally came in one lump sum payment and the average was $3200. For a family that is behind on bills, that is hardly a month or two of what their income may have been, and a fishing season can bring in a lot of money. So, the relief is helpful, but for most families, it is barely enough to keep their heads above water. So, even though the money is there, it is something that they have to use to pay off the bare necessities and they are left with nothing else left over.
With the holidays approaching quickly, there are many people that are left in the Gulf hoping and praying. They are trying to figure out how to put food on the table, keep the electric on, and ensure that their family members have happy holidays. All this, while dealing with a crisis that may affect their livelihoods for many years to come.

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