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Tropical Storm Alex in Northern Gulf next week?

by admin on June 23rd, 2010

At least one weather expert is saying that the tropical wave south of Haiti is likely to slowly develop and be pulled towards the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Dr Jeff Masters in his blog on makes the case for a possible landfall for Alex in the Northern Gulf , though he say the odds of it becoming a hurricane are now less than 20%. Still depending on many variables this could prove problematic for both the relief well operation and BP’s current containment operation. Also , it could certainly push much of the offshore oil towards landfall. Keep a close eye on this, because it could also impact huge swaths of the vessels of opportunity program if it looks to develop into something.

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  1. justmeint permalink

    For goodness sake, isn’t it time to swallow pride and gratefully accept the offers being made by others, who are qualified and available to come and help fix this dreadful situation?

    One would almost think the President either did not care about what is happening, or was too pig headed to see that offers of help – would be beneficial and are needed – otherwise the Requiem for The Gulf should be being practised right now! This will be the world’s largest funeral procession and the longest obituary in living memory. Maybe even one of the shortest Presidency’s in recent history too!

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