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There will almost certainly be a need for tens of thousands of volunteers, for perhaps many months to aid in the clean up of this oil spill. It will cover the shorelines and bays of four states, and thousands of miles of coast line. The cost will be in the billions of dollars even with volunteers and donations, but while cleaning up our coast is first on our mind, let’s not forget the economic and psychological impact this could have on an area still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. Getting out and cleaning up is one thing, but let’s all remember to try an be a little nicer to volunteer not just at the beach but with our local churches, and food pantries, and other communal organizations. This won’t affect just our coast lines but our way of life. Let’s show the world how strong we are.

Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Services has a very up to date website for volunteers.
Sierra Club has a state chapter in Mississippi that is training volunteers, and the Pascagoula Audobon Society is also recruiting volunteers.

Mobile Bay National Estuary program is signing up volunterrs for cleanup. Also Mobile Bay Keepers is seeking volunteers.

Info for volunteers in Escambia and Wlkulla counties can be found at Volunteer Florida with more counties to be added soon. Other contact info for Florida volunteers can be found at Oil Spill Volunteers.

Louisiana: has a nice listing of volunteer services, along with addresses of where there will be training for paid cleanup work through the workforce commision training program. $10 to $18 dollars an hour. Another great state run website is Volunteer Louisiana.
The Audobon Institute also is putting together a coordinated volunteer program. And BP says if you have a boat in Louisiana and would like to help please call (425) 745-8017. TheCoalition to restore Coastal Louisiana is doing lots of marsh cleanup. And the Sierra Club is mobilizing volunteers, donations and a letter writing campaign. The Nature conservancy is seeking volunteers and taking online donations to aid in areas along Southern Louisiana affected by the spill.

  1. Stephanie lawhon permalink

    I would like to help go there and just help

  2. Shelley Scarich permalink

    I would like to donate to help the people affected by this disaster. BP and the government should pay for the cleanup, even though it is being managed very badly. But I would like to donate to help all the fishermen, business owners, etc. whose livelyhood has been damaged, and help pay for supplies etc. do do the cleanup themselves until the BP and the govt. gets organized. I volunteered in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and know those people have sufffered enough. Let me know.


  3. Diane permalink

    Hi There,
    I would like to know about registering for classes to help save wild life.I live in broward county
    thankyou for any info you my be able to provide

    Diane Mazer

  4. Perriann permalink

    I am interested in volunteering my time to help with the cleanup, but so far I haven’t found any information regarding this. I see classes on helping clean, and links about people donating their hair, but I would like to physically be there helping to clean, and don’t I know where to start. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  5. brock dunn permalink

    i am 19 yrs. old and i”m interested in working to save the wildlife in the gulf, but i have yet to find any help with this. the secretary for the confressman in florida was absolutely rude, and the people is NC didnt help that much. if anyone has any ideas please let me know. it would be highly aprecciated.



    • admin permalink

      Brock, there are some wonderful people at the Audobon institute. There web address is on the volunteer page, and if you follow the link, there’s a phone number for them. Best of Luck.

  6. david c permalink

    hello, i would love to help clean up. im currently a rescue diver and i could do a lot to help out. you can contact me on my email or by my organization number (818)428-9679. I am part of L.A.R.D.A….los angeles rescue diver association

  7. Roger Sanders permalink

    I am a 40 hours Hazwoper Technician and i would love to assist in the oil clean up

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