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Watch the Live video as BP tries put on New Containment Cap

by admin on July 10th, 2010

We’ve got ten separate cameras from five different remote submersible vehicles available on our Spillcam page if you want to peek in a mile under the Gulf as BP attempts to put a new and larger containment dome over the Deepwater Horizon rupture. It is kind of weirdly compelling video watching these ROV’s working away at the bottom of the Macondo trench with the oil fluming away behind them. BP says if they’re successful it should allow them to capture 60k to 80k barrels of oil a day. That is more than the roughly 40k barrels that scientists believe has been spewing out. It will then be piped to four vessels on the surface, which would mean a temporary stop to the spill as they work to finish the relief well and fill the well bore with cement for a permanent solution.

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